Rectifier Technologies Unveils Its First Bi-Directional DC Charger

The Highbury is the world’s slimmest Bi-directional DC charger and will enable EV owners to sell excess power to the grid directly from their vehicle’s battery.

The Highbury DC Bi-directional Charger is unobtrusive and has been designed to fit most aesthetics, while being cost-effective for electric vehicle owners. Its bi-directional capability allows the Highbury to funnel excess power from the batteries of vehicle-to-grid (V2G)-enabled electric vehicles. The Highbury will be released in versions that are compatible with CCS and other connectors. Homeowners will be able to sell excess power back to utilities during peak periods but will also be able to power their own homes and reduce their reliance on the grid.


Rectifier Technologies is seeking trial program coordinators and utilities to test the incorporation of bi-directional capabilities with electricity grid networks.


Please contact us at for partnership enquiries. Preferred partners include car manufacturers, charger manufacturers and EV charging solution providers.


Highbury DC Bi-Directional Brochure

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About Rectifier Technologies

Rectifier Technologies is an Australian company with global presence, specialising in developing and manufacturing high efficiency power conversion products. Today the Rectifier Technologies group has offices in Australia (Melbourne), Malaysia (Johor Bahru) and Singapore. With strong roots in switch-mode technology, we have the expertise to meet the changing needs of our electric future. While much has changed in the world over our 27-year history, we have proven that we are built to last. We have built a global reach, a reputation for delivering excellence as standard and we welcome collaborative business opportunities. We have partnered with experts across various industries including e-mobility solution providers, and we supply to leading system integrators and distributors worldwide.


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