Rewatt LLC is pleased to become a part of CharIN association

Rewatt LLC wants to implement CCS standard in their products since they are striving to boost the evolution of charging related standards as well as to promote electric mobility globally.

They are convinced that being a member of the CharIN association will give them аn opportunity to actively participate in the development of the CCS standard and contribute to solving the challenges that lie ahead of the standard’s widespread adoption.


Rewatt LLC was founded in 2017 to focus solely on EVSE. The company develops up-to-date, safe and extremely user-friendly electric charging systems both of AC (alternative current) and DC (direct current) types.


Their product's main advantages are:

• most compact technical solution: weight 75kg

• the most powerful system in the class: 62.5kW

• state-of-the-art design that is being customized for each customer

• mobile application that syncs with the charging station

• charging speed: up to 80% in 20 minutes

• competitive price