Second CharIN Charging Communication Training in Berlin

After the first CharIN Charing Communication Training was offered in June this year and all seats were booked out within a few days, the second training in Berlin took place on Sep. 20th and 21st, 2018. This time, a basic and advance training was offered, like the week before in Bangalore, India.

After an introduction to the Combined Charging System (CCS) and to ISO/IEC 15118, various other topics regarding the communication protocol between EV and the charging station and its features were explained by the trainer Dr. Marc M├╝ltin from V2G-Clarity.


At the second training day, advanced communication topics were on the agenda. Here it becomes clear how ISO/IEC 15118 adds value through its features. As an example, the certification concept for MOs, CPOs and OEMs for Plug & Charge and the secured communication, which makes ISO/IEC 15118 so reliable, were discussed.


All participants gained a lot of new input during the training and left with a very positive feedback. They liked especially the working group atmosphere where everybody had enough possibilities to ask questions and get explanations to special subtopics.


"The training gave me a good insight in how to implement ISO/IEC15118 and that is what I was looking for.", said Roland van der Put (Fastned) .


Another participant said: "The overall theoretical part of the advanced was very well rehashed."


Further charging communication trainings in Europe, Asia and North America will be offered in 2019! Announcements will be made on the CharIN website and mailed to CharIN members and followers in advance.