Shell starts to setup HPC charging stations in Germany

The CharIN member Shell moves another next step ahead towards the electric driving sector in Germany. After they made various acquisitions in the energy sector to establish their business in the electro mobility sector and installed some fast charging stations in countries like the Netherlands, Great Britain and China, the setup of high power charging stations at its gas stations in Germany is their next move.


Shell plans to install 50 high power charging stations in Germany with a total of 100 charging points in 2019 and further ones in the next years. For this project, the CharIN members Shell and EnBW, the German utility provider of the south west, work together to install an HPC charging station network. Their chargers will be equipped with CCS and use renewable energy. It will be possible to charge a car with up to 300 kW when only one car is connected to the charging station. Charging two at the same time, the charging station will be able to charge each car with up to 150 kW.


The CharIN e.V. totally supports this initiative of its two members. The equipment of HPC infrastructure in all countries is a key aspect for a broader acceptance and great success of electro mobility, confirmed the board of the CharIN e.V.


Further information are availabel here in English or German