Sicon Electric joins CharIN as new Regular member!

Sicon Chat Union Electric Co., Ltd. (Stock code: 833426, referred to as: Sicon Electric), is and industry leading electrical and power electronic product designer and manufacturer.

The company focuses on R&D, production and marketing of power electronic products. Sicon provides complete solutions for data center infrastructure, electric vehicle charging and green energy storage sectors.


Electric vehicle charging products: EV DC Charger, AC Charger, EV DC Charging stack (240kw power with 8 seperate outlet), onboard charger.


Sicon intends to join CharIN, to fully support CCS as charging standard for Electric Vehicle. With strong R&D, Sicon will develop CCS Charger, share with its partners, and participate in Exhibitions in China and overseas together with CharIN. Sicon is contributing its efforts to the development of the new energy industry in the world.


We are also looking forward to participating in development of the next level CCS.