Singapore confirmed CCS – the Combined Charging System - as the charging standard in the ASEAN city state

During the Electric Vehicle Asia Seminar in Singapore on March 12th – 13th, CharIN provided a well-received presentation on the need to provide a charging network that allows for seamless roaming between charging operators, encrypted payments that allow for Plug & Charge. CharIN was also able to show from data collected in different markets that a single charging standard is required for the successful development of the EV industry.

Singapore has meanwhile done just that: AC charging Type 2 & DC charging CCS Combo2 is the government approved charging standard for the city state.


Because of this decision, SP Group (Singapore Power Group) felt confident to invest in charging infrastructure and will build over 1,000 electric vehicle charging points by 2020.


One-quarter of the 1,000 charging points will be DC charging, to support upcoming electric vehicle models with bigger battery capacities and longer driving ranges. These chargers will have power ratings of as high as 350kW.


Beginning of January 2019 SP Group said it has rolled out its first wave of 38 electric vehicle charging points. The 38 points comprise of nineteen 50kW direct current (DC) chargers, which are able to fully power up a vehicle in 30 minutes, as well as nineteen 43kW alternating current (AC) chargers.


A recent new comer RedDotPower is also in planning to build its charging network with a target to have at least 200 charging points available in the coming 3 years.