Slim Charging | 11kW DC

This ‘slim’ form factor charger converts AC to DC to recharge the EV battery directly, bypassing the on-board charger. This allows EVs to be charged at higher rates compared with AC chargers.


Designed for wall or pole mounted installation, ideal for garages, carports, shopping centres, parking areas and the like. The 11kW EV DC Charger is able to deliver sufficient charge with less strain to the electrical grid compared with higher power chargers.


The charger is now ready for field trials and deployment and will have appropriate industry compliant standards in the coming months. We are looking to collaborate with partners across the industry to take this product to market.


Key features of the 11kW EV DC Home Charger are:

  • 11kW Output
  • CCS Compliant
  •  No In-Vehicle Power Converter Required
  • App Control – Wi-Fi Connection
  • Mode-4 charging
  • Max efficiency > 95%


About Rectifier Technologies

Rectifier Technologies (RT) is a Melbourne based company that specialises in power-conversion product design and manufacturing.

Established in 1992, its high reliability and high efficiency power-electronics have been used in various industries including defence, scientific instrumentation, aviation, telecoms and others. In 2014, RT expanded its product offering to the EV charging market leading to its focus in new energy applications.

RT is headquartered (R&D) in Melbourne, Australia with it’s primary manufacturing facility in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, and has a commercial team based in Singapore.


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