Sumitomo Electric Group joins CharIN e.V.

The Sumitomo Electric Group operates its wiring harness business globally to offer various products that meet the needs of the times with superb technologies and quality.

The product lineup includes wiring harnesses for transmitting electric power and information in vehicles and products for environmentally friendly HEVs and EVs.  Not only products for automotive, charging infrastructure business is also related such as charging cable and connector, VPP (virtual power plant) demonstration experiment, development of wireless charging system.


Reasons to join CharIN:

In order to spread combined charging systems, it is important to accelerate the standardization and development of charging systems by collaborating with OEMs, suppliers and infrastructure companies. We are now especially interested in new ISO15118 standardization for wireless charging system, bi-directional power transfer system and so on. We expect to share technical issues and concern of interoperability among CharIN members and to contribute to promote diffusion of combined charging systems worldwide by participating as a core member.