TERTEC is an organization that combines systemic functions of “research, testing, and certification,” and can offer comprehensive one-stop service to satisfy all the customer’s requests.

Taiwan Electric Research &Testing Center (TERTEC) is a non-profit consortium of economic affairs and currently locates in Taoyuan City, Taiwan.

TERTEC is recognized and listed by the IDB (Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA) to provide R&D services (RD), inspection and certification services (IN). With its rich experience, professional skills and outstanding talents, TERTEC is not only relevant policy promotion recommendations but also undertakes industrial research projects in the fields of electricity, electricity, electronics, energy, environment, and chemistry entrusted by many industries. Provide the best support to enhance industrial technology and product quality.


TERTEC is the EVSE testing laboratory designated by BSMI (Bureau of Standards and Inspection, MOEA). It assists in the implementation of safety, Conformance & Interop Testing and verification of EVSE, and provides testing services for multinational certification. TERTEC is also one of the major organizations in Taiwan to promote the establishment of standards for EVSE. We would like to share the above testing experience to the CharIN coalition, especially for Charging Station & EV Charging Safety and Function evaluation.


For more information, please contact www.tertec.org.tw