Tesla Model 3 with CCS Charger

In early 2019, the Tesla Model 3 will be released on the European market with a CCS port. As the Combined Charging System (CCS) already is the most common charging system, Tesla will release the new Model 3 with CCS port in Europe. Tesla drivers will be able to charge their EVs at Tesla own’s charging stations and as well at the global open CCS network.

Copyright: Tesla, Inc.

Copyright: Tesla, Inc.

Already over 6,000 CCS charging points are installed in Europe. Tesla has more than 430 charging stations with over 3.600 Superchargers spread across Europe. Taking all this together, the current available charging infrastructure for Tesla drivers with CCS port will be very well provided and is growing continuously. And who knows if owners of other EV’s may also have access to Tesla’s CCS chargers in the future. Tesla, at least, states to be open for a dialogue.


Tesla has begun retrofitting their existing Superchargers with a second charging cable for charging with a CCS port. Moreover, a commitment of Tesla aims to expand their Supercharger network and open additional charging stations in the future.


“While Tesla owners already have access to the most convenient and reliable charging solutions available between home charging, Supercharging and Destination Charging, we want to expand their ability to charge at third party fast chargers. In advance of Model 3 rollout in Europe, we are retrofitting our existing Superchargers with dual charge cables to enable Model 3 which comes with a CCS Combo 2 charge port, to use the Tesla Supercharger network. Model S and Model X customers will continue to have full access to the network and a CCS Combo 2 adapter will soon be available to purchase, if desired.”, said a Tesla spokesperson.


In 2016, Tesla joined of the CharIN e.V. They actively participate in the focus groups and further technical development of CCS related services around charging communication and charging connection. The release of the Tesla Model 3 with CCS is a logical step and a result of the close interaction within the global membership base of the CharIN e.V.


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Here you can see how the superchargers with CCS look like (Video in German from electrive.net)