Testing Symposium in South Korea

On October 15th -18th 2018 about 70 engineers and stakeholders from the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry joined the Korean Testing Symposium and had a great chance for interoperability tests between EVs and Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE).

Many of the Korean CharIN members like Hyundai Motors, BMW Korea, GM, LG Innotek, Daeyoung, Signet, JoongAng, Grid Wiz and the Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (KERI) were present and participated in the testing. The CharIN e.V. also supported the event with a sponsoring and the participation of the Korean coordination office.


The event was organized by the Korean Smart Grid Association (KSGA) and CharIN member KERI. Especially Mr. Seo from KERI, who is working in the CharIN Focus Group Conformance Test and leads the subgroup qualification, completed the whole test procedures.


The Korean testing symposium was very successful. During the event, a consultative group was formed which will contribute and cope with the international EV charging standardization with the regular face to face meeting and test symposium to test and verify the future standards in the Korean market.