The 2nd CharIN Asia Conference on Oct 4th + 5th was held in Bangkok, Thailand

Over 100 participants were present during the networking reception on October 4th and the full packed conference day on October 5th with discussions and presentations on the current status, the developments and future applications of CCS, the Combined Charging System in Asia.

A wide range of topics were touched from EV/EVSE developments in China, Korea and ASEAN countries to V2G, secured payments, high power charging, roaming applications and many more.


To secure that applications will be implemented according to the ISO15118 standard, in a manner that enables interoperability worldwide. Important discussions were held on the methods and procedures to be implemented for allowing third party testing in every country, leading to conformance of the systems.


Meanwhile the attendees are already looking forward to the third CharIN Asia Conference to be held in 2019.