“The five levels of Grid Integration” - CharIN e.V. Grid Integration roadmap published

The CharIN e.V. recently published new position papers to illustrate their position towards grid integration and bidirectional charging, providing an outlook for future developments. The Combined Charging System (CCS) supports vehicle to grid communication (V2G) which enables power transfer from the electric car to the home or the grid.

The CharIN focus group Grid Integration defined the most urgent steps to-wards vehicle to gird (V2G) functionality based on ISO/IEC 15118. For 2019 real showcases with reverse power transfer (DC) to the EVSE are planned.


The CharIN e.V. published position papers defining the roadmap for V2G functionalities of CCS. What was a vision, now becomes a clear objective with defined tasks and a clear timeline. Customers will benefit from controlled charging and functions like Plug and Charge.

The members of CharIN will make the stepwise implementation happen and are looking forward to a prosperous future of bidirectional charging with its appealing business cases.


The position papers are available for download at https://www.charinev.org/media/position-papers-regulation/ 


Information about CharIN e.V.

The Charging Interface Initiative e.V. (CharIN e.V.) is a registered association with over 150 members along the whole value chain from all over the world. It is open to all interested parties and has offices in Germany, Hong Kong, South Korea, India, Japan, China and the US.


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