The future of the Fast Charging is CCS (the Combined Charging System)

CharIN North America Spokesperson Oleg Logvinov took part in the Opening Plenary “The Future of Fast Charging” at Roadmap 12 in Portland, Oregon on June 19th

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In the opening plenary for day two of Roadmap 12, Forth brought together representatives for CCS and CHAdeMO to discuss the future of fast charging. In this discussion they evaluated the current state of fast charging around the globe compared to that of five years ago, along with expectations for developments in fast charging by 2024. They also discussed the strengths and weaknesses of fast charging acrosd international markets. CharIN North America Spokesperson Oleg Logvinov spoke on behalf of the association, sharing facts and figures about the rapid adoption of the CCS and its anticipated growth over the next several years.


Five years ago, there were only about 10% of the fast-charging stations that exist today worldwide. In the next years there will be one fast charging station available for every hundred cars. The uniqueness and attractiveness of the CCS is in its ability to cover all charging use cases: low power AC, Wireless Charging, and High Power DC. In addition, we are now working on the 1MW+ levels for commercial vehicles. CCS was designed with security and safety as fundamental requirements and a seamless user experience as the main focus. The Plug & Charge feature of CCS is what makes the user experience simple and easy while providing information security comparable to what we are accustomed to in the financial industry. No more credit cards or fobs just simply plug in the cable and enjoy! It’s as simple as making a phone call.


Since the CharIN association’s inception in 2015, it is now 170 members strong and growing. As original equipment manufacturers continue the transition to CCS, they are covering all necessary requirements in the diverse e-Mobility ecosystem from bikes, passenger vehicles, buses and trucks, to other forms of transportation. The CCS is expanding rapidly, quickly becoming the global standard for charging battery powered electric vehicles.