UAES joins the CharIN e.V.

UAES is Chinese tire1 supplier that Robert Bosch GmbH and Zhong-Lian Automotive Electronics Co.,Ltd. joint ventured in 1995.

The company is the industry leader in Chinese market, including Engine Management System, Transmission Control Unit, Vehicle Control Unit, Battery Management System, Motor Control Unit and OnBoard Charging Unit. UAES develops system, software and hardware whit electric control unit for Chinese OEM, bringing its charging control expertise and experience to the CharIN coalition as it develops the Combined Charging System (CCS).


CharIN is an open coalition of major players within the electric vehicle (EV) industry aiming to support and promote CCS as a global standard for EV charging. UAES hopes to develop charging system cooperate with Robert Bosch GmbH for Chinese OEM to support CCS standard, So we hope to join the CharIN to get more standardization support.