Value Chain Initiative on High Power Charging took place in London

On Dec. 3rd, 2018 a round table discussion about “Whole of Value Chain Initiative on High Power Charging”, initiated by the BP PLC and CharIN e.V. took place in London, Great Britain.

Claas Bracklo (CharIN e.V.), Christian Girardeau (BP), Michael Keller (CharIN e.V.)

Christian Girardeau, Electrification Director at BP

Michael Keller, CharIN Executive Board Member

Christian Girardeau, Electrification Director at BP and Claas Bracklo, Chairman of the CharIN e.V. co-chaired the event. Input presentations were given by Christian Girardeau from BP side and by Michael Keller as board member of the association from CharIN side.


In the second part of the day, industry discussions about the following topics connected to High Power Charging were hold:

  • Pushing boundaries of High Power Charging (use cases/recent developments)
  • Barriers to High Power Charging (infrastructure, R&D, funding, etc.)
  • Ensuring Charging quality and trust of customers
  • Roadmap to delivering High Power Charging


The day ended with a summary of the industry discussions and a definition of the specific needs to deliver a High Power Charging ecosystem. It was agreed to target for a UK conference in spring 2019 with a broader stakeholder dialogue including customer perspective and government expectations.


The CharIN e.V. is working on the definition of requirements and make industry proposals developed together with its international members to promote an ecosystem in favor of High Power Charging.