Vector vEVSE – Off-the-shelf solution for EVSE charging communication

© Vector Informatik GmbH

© Vector Informatik GmbH

Developing charging stations has many challenges. One of them is handling the high-level communication between vehicle and charging station, required for DC or smart AC charging.


To support charging stations suppliers, Vector offers the product vEVSE, which consists of software modules implementing the high-level communication according to ISO 15118, DIN SPEC 70121 and SAE J2847/2. This off-the-shelf solution greatly reduces the effort for the charging station supplier to enter the market and thus shortens the time-to-market. vEVSE is used by various customers since 2013 and has proven itself in live operation.


The software modules can either be integrated within a Linux/Unix or an RTOS environment. Using Linux/Unix is typical for AC and DC charging use cases. This approach uses the existing TCP/IP stack of the OS and complements it with the software modules provided by Vector. In case of Wireless Power Transfer (WPT), mostly an RTOS environment is preferred, as the controller is typically embedded in the ground assembly. In this case, Vector’s proven MICROSAR environment can be used instead of Linux/Unix. This second approach has a small footprint and allows using smaller microcontrollers suited for the automotive industry.


Electrification is progressing, new use cases are steadily being introduced and therefore the standards are evolving as well. While CharIN is releasing implementation guides to clarify ambiguous requirements and guarantee interoperability, ISO 15118 is already working on the next generation with ISO 15118-20. As an active member of both CharIN and ISO 15118, staffing important roles in ISO 15118 such as the convener and the co-lead of project team 2, Vector is always up-to-date with the latest developments. This allows Vector to provide new versions of their software within a short period after their respective release.


About Vector

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