Wallbox Chargers joins CharIN to contribute to the development of a qualified CSS charging infrastructure across Europe.

To date, the emergence of electric propulsion has mostly been framed in terms of societal and environmental change but there’s still lots of challenges we must to face.

As CharIN member, Wallbox also recognise these big issues and we are willing to support and promote CSS as a global standard for EV charging, contributing with our solid expertise in engineering, creativity and functionality to deliver charging solutions that have emotion and flair.


Wallbox, operating in more than 25 countries is developing some the most innovative systems available for all charging vehicles with the most compact size, sophisticated design and very advanced functionalities - as face recognition to unlock the charger - to deliver an unique and intuitive “plug and drive” customer experience in order to simplify the charging process. All the Wallbox devices are connected through myWallbox, our online platform which allows the energy management through the app or web portal giving the customer a global view of the different charging sessions, control of their energy consumption, and the management of the charger remotely from anywhere in the world.


Also, Wallbox has a technology roadmap that takes in public space wireless charging and bi directional V2G applications. Wallbox chargers already have ‘plug and charge’ (ISO 15118) technology on board, which is seen by many to offer the ultimate communication spectrum between vehicle owner, charger and energy provider.


CharIN is an association with the purpose of a worldwide promotion and support of the Combined Charging System (CCS) as a global standard for EV charging. Key members include companies such as BMW, FCA, Ford, GM, Phoenix Contact, Porsche, and Renault, among others.