Welcome to new Core member KSGA!

KSGA(Korea Smart Grid Association) is developing national/ private sector standards which are essential for spread of EV charging infrastructure.

Currently, KSGA is working as the 'Co-operating Organization for Standards Development' designated by KATS (Korean Agency for Technology and Standards) for IEC TC 69, SC 23H.


As a Part of this standardization, KSGA has developed EV charging standards including charging system (IEC 61851 series), communication (ISO 15118 series), wireless power transfer (IEC 61980 series) and charging interface (IEC 62196 series). They are now being used in many places in Korea.


As the supply of EV charging system is increasing in Korea, the need for efficient management and operation is also increasing. So, KSGA would like to contribute to international standardization for the reliable communication as a part of CCS.