Welcome to PT PLN (Persero), new CharIN Core member!

PT PLN (Persero) is a state-owned company operating from upstream to downstream in the field of electricity infrastructure and experienced since 1965 to provide electricity throughout the territory of Indonesia.

Currently PT PLN (Persero) operates power plants + 43 GW, transmission + 42,000 kms and still growing. In addition, PT PLN (Persero) also has operational support units working in the areas of certification, research and development, standardization, engineering, consultants, etc.

In the field of EV development, PT PLN (Persero) has conducted EV research since 2012 from charging stations until the development of prototype EV in the scale of research. Currently PT PLN (Persero) is still studying the development of EV in the world and has built collaborative research with universities and research institutes in Indonesia for further EV development.

Hopefully by joining CharIN, PT PLN (Persero) as a core member can bring its experience as owner of power plants and network operators in Indonesia to help CharIN members. Even so, PT PLN (Persero) will also have more opportunities to discuss, share ideas and problems in the field between CharIN members and understand the direct information of the development of international industry.