13 May 2020 | Berlin - Radialsystem

thegrid. is the world’s premier of an e-vehicle network event series with focus on the challenges and potentials of grid integration. This international exclusive and subject-specific conference will take place on the 13th of May in Berlin. During the event about 20 leading global experts from the trinity: industry, politics and research will be sharing their insights and visionary ideas and will be exchanging in exciting panel discussions about the challenges and their different contributions to this highly relevant topic.
Smart Grid Integration is extremely relevant and future-oriented in regard to reducing C02 emissions, especially focusing on the potential of vehicle battery storage for the energy sector. Combining this expertise and creating an incredible opportunity to network – thegrid. will write CharIN history!

The program will be based on three core topics featuring speakers from the energy, vehicle and energy services industry, accompanied by research and politics.

Regulation & Sustainability – This panel will focus on the integration of the e-vehicle into the energy system discussing the CO2 potential of flexibility within the regulatory framework and on European Perspective.

Reverse Power Transfer – This panel will focus on the development of reverse power transfer with respect to standardization and application as well as giving insides in current and planned projects

Business Models – This panel will bring the attention to the business model behind the technology and how the whole value chain and especially the customer can profit from this development.

thegrid. cooperates with the international charging network conference 2020, which will be held in the same venue on May 14th and 15th. Benefit from the networking opportunities on both events and mingle with the CharIN community as well as other experts from the e-mobility sector.
CharIN members and all interested parties are very welcome to attend the event. Join our dialogue about global grid integration and be part of a sustainable future.

About Grid Integration

The energy network will face three major challenges in the years to come:

  • the increasing decentralized production of energy from renewable sources (as opposed to energy production in large central power plants)
  • the balancing of volatile renewable energy production and grid capacities and energy demands
  • increasing numbers of BEVs (of all kinds) and charging of themat locations where the grid was designed for previously much lower energy demand (e.g.inresidential areas)

While these challenges can be solved only partly by conventional grid expansion, this requires major investments in the electrical infrastructure and digitalization which would take considerable time; furthermore, short-term solutions for optimal utilization and the opportunityto use as much renewable energy as possible, are needed.

EVs are thus an essential part of the solution to support the climate protection targets by integrating renewable energies into the grid. The energy load management as well as storage capacities of BEVs can play a major role in overcoming these challenges since this includes not only taking energy from the grid in a controlled manner and at specific times when it is not needed elsewhere and when the grid can handle it, but also feeding energy back into the grid for various existing and upcoming grid and energy services.


thegrid. X ICNC20

Together with the biggest international business conference for eMobility, the intercharge network conference or ICNC, which will be held on 14–15 May 2020 in the same venue, you can benefit from the networking opportunities on both events. Mingle with the ICNC community as well as other experts from the eMobility sector. The intercharge network conference 2020 “ICNC20” brings together what belongs together. Innovation leaders meet creative formats to give you a glimpse of the eMobility world of tomorrow from all perspectives with a fully-fledged two-day program, top-class keynotes, and workshops for participants of all levels.

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The thegrid. / ICNC20 conference is held in the Radialsystem. Built as a pumping station in 1880, the Radialsystem serves nowadays as a modern conference venue which is also home to many members of Berlin’s independent music and performance scene.

This makes Radialsystem the ideal venue for thegrid./ICNC20 conference. It is the inspirational atmosphere of Radialsystem‘s many variable spaces as well as the fascinating fusion of the old and the new in the building’s architecture that allows for innovative and surprising constellations. With its gorgeous location on the banks of the river Spree, Radialsystem offers spacious conference rooms and enjoyable networking areas.

Address : Holzmarktstraße 33, 10243 Berlin