Training on Charging Communication

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September 14th, 2018, Advanced Training


09:00 am | Welcome
  • The certification concept (Public Key Infrastructure) of ISO 15118: Which kind of certificates do exist and for which purpose are they used?
  • Construction of a cryptographically assured communication by means of TLS (Transport Layer Security)
  • Short overview about message sequences to enable AC- and DC charging- and communication sessions and about setting to control message transfer

12:00 pm | Lunch break

  • How do XML-based signatures work in ISO 15118 to assure the integrity and authenticity of exchanged data and which message (elements) are signed?
  • Introductory overview of VDE-AR 2802-100-1 (Handling of certification for e-vehicles, charging infrastructure and backend systems in the framework of using ISO 15118” enabling Plug & Charge
  • Interaction between ISO 15118 and backend protocol OCPP

04:00 pm | End of training