CharIN Tuesday will be extended to other regions of the world!

After a successful series of virtual events in North America, the CharIN Tuesday will also come to Europe and Asia: A series of conference will span over the next months, each sequence covering one hot topic the CharIN alliance is currently dealing with. And, we will directly connect to the last discussion of the NA series.

Meanwhile the attendance to the virtual event is free of charge for everybody, recordings and presentations will be offered for a fee with a special discount for CharIN members.

We look forward to welcoming a huge audience interested in getting involved in exciting discussions about CharIN`s efforts to adopt e-mobility, and to further push the development of the required eco-system based on the Combined Charging System (CCS) and ISO/IEC 15118.

CharIN Tuesday ASIA: Part 1 | Energy – Vehicle to Grid (V2G)

28.07.2020, 04:00 pm – 06:00 pm HKT (Hong Kong Time)

“Smart Charging and V2G are a continuum. These are no separate things but strongly go together!”

This was the key message of the 1st CharIN Tuesday Asia on July 28, 2020. Experts and audience agree that V2G will play an important role in the future eco-system of e-mobility and be an obligation to focus on for the good of society. Thank you to more than 180 attendes, to all speakers and the moderator of this virtual event.

Get more information about the demographics of our virtual audience Initiates file download Initiates file downloadhere.

CharIN Tuesday ASIA: Part 2 | Customer Comfort – Plug and Charge

13.10.2020, 04:00 pm – 06:00 pm (HKT)

The customer comfort of charging with features like Plug and Charge will play an important role in the further acceptance of electromobility in the mobility market. The requirements and advantages of this feature based on CCS and ISO 15118 will be discussed with Asian and European experts during the second CharIN Tuesday ASIA.

CharIN Tuesday ASIA: Part 3 | Markets – Regional developments Asia

20.10.2020, 04:00 pm – 06:00 pm (HKT)

The growing motorization and the increasing problem of air pollution make electrification in South and South East Asian countries both desirable and urgent. Local governments and industries have partly different strategies and roadmaps, but similar challenges to electrify the mobility market.

Additional to the car industry, electrification of two/three wheelers and busses also play an important role in these regions. In this context, stakeholders of the regional EV markets will give a market overview and discuss the further promotion of electric vehicles, EV Charging Infrastructure and the whole ecosystem powered by the Combined Charging System (CCS).