CharIN Tuesday will be extended to other regions of the world!

After a successful series of virtual events in North America, the CharIN Tuesday will also come to Europe and Asia: A series of conference will span over the next months, each sequence covering one hot topic the CharIN alliance is currently dealing with. And, we will directly connect to the last discussion of the NA series.

Meanwhile the attendance to the virtual event is free of charge for everybody, we may charge for recordings and presentations. CharIN members will receive a special discount.

We look forward to welcoming a huge audience interested in getting involved in exciting discussions about CharIN`s efforts to adopt e-mobility, and to further push the development of the required eco-system based on the Combined Charging System (CCS) and ISO/IEC 15118.

CharIN Tuesday EUROPE: Part 1 | Accelerating AFID revision & funding for fast charging infrastructure

08.09.2020, 10:00 am – 12:00 am (CET)

Increasing the uptake of electric vehicles, vans and trucks while synchronizing the deployment of the corresponding charging infrastructure in Europe is at the heart of the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive (AFID) and aligned with the EU Green Deal.

Accelerating the AFID revision and its transposition into National Policy Frameworks (NPFs) is critical to deliver appropriate charging infrastructure, but equally important is the availability of the required funding mechanism to implement the NPFs. Access to the funding schemes should be made easy and fair so that stakeholders can equally benefit from this push at the time where and when it is most needed.

The CharIN Tuesday is looking at both, the regulatory and financial aspects. And, it is investigating the issue of high power charging of commercial vehicles.

CharIN Tuesday EUROPE: Part 2 | ISO 15118 – Driving into the future

15.09.2020, 10:00 am – 12:00 am (CET)

ISO 15118 has been established as the standard protocol for charging electric vehicles in the European Market and many other regions of the world. Additional features of electric charging like Plug and Charge, bidirectional charging and others will be considered in the next version, called ISO 15118-20, which will be published from 2021/22 on.

As a response to some critical voices on security aspects of ISO15118, this second part of the CharIN Tuesday Europe will focus on the ISO 15118 opportunities and solutions that will provided with the next updates.

CharIN Tuesday EUROPE: Part 3 | Bidirectional Charging – Insights, Opportunities and Visionary ideas

22.09.2020, 10:00 am – 12:00 am (CET)

Smart Charging of electric vehicles like bidirectional charging, featured by the Combined Charging System (CCS), is possible and currently in development. It will be implemented in the ISO 15118-20 standard. To facilitate bidirectional charging, the creation of appropriate rules and technological solutions have to further be developed. This third part of the CharIN Tuesday Europe series addresses the current state of the art and possibilities of this technology as well as grid aspects of bidirectional charging.