CharIN North America Virtual Conference

Part 1 - April 28, 2020 | Part 2 - May 05, 2020 | Part 3 - May 12, 2020

Electrification must go on! We have transformed our 4th CharIN NA Conference into a Virtual Event!

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A message from the CharIN NA Board:
e-Mobility is moving forward, WE are moving forward, these are challenging times and we must adopt to the new ways of doing business. CharIN NA invites all stakeholders to join us and shift our conversation into the cyberspace. We are transforming our Spring Conference into a Virtual Conference. We will be hosting this unprecedent event as scheduled and will use the technology to bring demonstrations and discussions to your home offices and living rooms. Join us in stopping the spread of Covid-19 and accelerating the adoption of e-Mobility!”

Mohamad Abdul-Hak (Mercedes Benz NA), Cliff Fietzek (Electrify America), Oleg Logvinov (IoTecha), Jacob Mathews (Ford), Barton Sidles (Hubject)

Videos April 28, 2020
Panel 1: Riding the wave, the tsunami of electrification
Moderator: Oleg Logvinov (President and CEO, IoTecha Corporation)

“Covid-19 changed how the world operates, it has also shown us how clean transportation can remove pollution from our cities. How will this unique set of circumstances impact the adoption of electrified transportation? What are the opportunities that we should focus on?” Together with renowned keynote speakers and panelists, we shared a lot of insight views at this panel of how the industry as well as governmental institutions see the future of E-mobility.

Videos May 5, 2020
Panel 2: The magic of Plug´n Charge
Moderator: Barton Sidles (Senior Director, Corporate and Business Development, Hubject Inc.)

On the 2nd panel of our CharIN North America Virtual Conference technical highly qualified experts discussed ISO 15118 use cases and special features thanks to different demos and a detailed panel discussion with experts. Gain a deeper understanding surrounding the details and requirements needed to be ready for and implement ISO 15118 communication enabling Plug'n Charge.

Videos May 12, 2020
Panel 3: Living on the grid´s edge & saving $60B
Noel Crisostomo (Transportation Electrification Expert, California Energy Commission)

This panel explores how ISO 15118 enables electric vehicles to live on the edge of the power system and its capabilities for vehicle-to-grid (V2G). Learn about upcoming vehicle-to-grid features and products with demos and detailed discussion with expert panelists. Gain a deeper understanding about new applications and technologies leveraging ISO 15118, which pose solutions that can assist with the transition to renewable electric grids that are reliable and cost-effective.